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AKA Testimonials

This is yet another milestone that confirms our sorority’s innovative, influential, Exquisite, Symbolic, and Prominent mark in history! Alpha Kappa Alpha women are true pioneers and ladies of distinction that will forever reign supreme. I am extremely proud of our sorority, and look forward to new items on the 20 pearls website in the future!
Theta Tau
Spring 09
Dearest Sorors,
I am a member in Daytona Beach, Fl.  I just wanted to say that I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea for us to have a private label apparel line!  I look forward to making my first purchase!
Soror Natasha

I received my luggage set yesterday.  It is simply beautiful—worth the wait.  Thanks.

Soror C. Howell


I love the 20 Pearls Black Crest sweater I purchased!  I received many compliments when I wore the sweater to two different events, one a sorority meeting and another a community project.  The sweater is excellent when we do community projects and don't want to be be too formal or too casual. I hope you will consider adding more sweater varieties to the inventory.
Soror Sharon

Thank you! I am very excited regarding your site and products. Look forward to seeing and purchasing much more!

I received my 20 Pearls Black Trench Coat yesterday. Oh, I am so very pleased with it. The coat is very comfortable, the material is of excellent quality and the design is lovely. I am looking forward to see what 20 Pearls will present in 2010.

Soror Christy
Evans, GA

I received my luggage as a Christmas gift from my husband, and I just had to get the Black Blazer. I wore the Blazer and  Black sweater and received so many compliments I ended up getting all the Blazers. I took pictures at sorority meeting and many sorors wanted to see my garments and luggage. Many fell in love with the luggage and stated they will be ordering it. I am enjoying my Blazers and will use my luggage this weekend when I go to Gaylords to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.
Marie T. Corbett
Golden Soror
Ellicott City, MD

Just wanted you all to know that I received my AKA Charm Bracelet on January 5, 2012, birthday gift from my best freind, a soror from South Atlantic region.  I LOVE IT!!
Mildred B.
South Eastern Region

Good Day

I went to my Homceoming this past Saturday. My chapter was celebrating its 90th Anniversary. I cannot begin to tell you how many sorors and non sorors...alot of guys too complimented me on the sweater Thanks for making me stand out and feel extra special this year. I must admit, I did look good...LOL

Helen A.